STRESS 20143rd International School on Tool-based Rigorous Engineering of Software Systems
Corfu Imperial, Greece, October 3 - 7, 2014

Associated with the 6th International Symposium On Leveraging Applications of Formal Methods, Verification, and Validation (ISoLA)

Theme: Software Specification, Verification, and Variation (flyer)

The International School on Tool-based Rigorous Engineering of Software Systems (STRESS) series aims to provide top-quality lectures and innovative pedagogical material that provide young researchers with:

  • instruction in existing and emerging formal methods and software engineering techniques that are tool-supported and process-oriented,
  • insights into how software is developed in the real world, including emphasis on domains such as safety/mission-critical software and embedded systems where the development effort associated with tool-based formal methods promises greatest returns,
  • case-studies and example domains in which formal methods have been successfully transitioned into actual development along with insights in how to bridge the gap between research tools and actual development processes, and
  • additional pedagogical resources and personal contacts that they can explore for the purpose of increasing the impact of their research.

The theme of the 2014 International School is on Software Specification, Verification, and Variation. It features lecturers from academic and industry with significant experience in software contract, software analysis and certification, and software product lines. Lectures will emphasize the use of program analyzers and verifiers, model-driven development and software architecture tools, and industry-relevant challenge problems.

In addition to STRESS 2014, the ISoLA week (CFP) offers a lot of opportunites besides the standard conference program, which addresses in particular also PhD students:

  • The LearnLib tutorial will illustrate the power of test-based modelling, an approach ideally suited to investigate legacy software.
  • The RERS challenge provides an ideal opportunity to check one’s own verification competence. During the challenge you will meet world leading experts in tool-based software verification. http://www.rers-challenge.org
  • The industrial day will give an impression of today’s needs industry.

Finally, there is also a direct and tangible benefit for young scientists:

  • The poster session gives PhD students the opportunity to give a 10 minutes sketch of their work, which they can later on elaborate on during the breaks. One page abstracts of selected contributions will be published in the ISoLA proceedings.

  • Moreover, participating PhD student will be invited to contribute to the post conference proceedings published in Springer’s CCIS series.

    The deadline for poster presentation is: May 15, 2014

    Later submissions may also be accepted but would be too late for the selection process for one page abstracts in the conference proceedings.